Sub-prime the Musical

March 18, 2010Jon Brooks 11 Comments »

Tip o’ the hat to Laura at EconomyStory for sending us Sub-prime the Musical. The site consists of a series of podcasts by a college student named Madison Koshy, who created them from research she did on the causes of the credit crisis. Naturally, she then wrote song parodies to illustrate the concepts she had learned. From the About page:

I was extremely upset about the state of the economy, but I found it very difficult to understand what was happening. So this summer, I pursued an independent project where I read and researched about what was going on, and then I attempted to re-explain it through podcasts as a means of better understanding the information. Wanting to make my blog a little more interesting, I incorporated song parodies that tied into the material.

Here is Act I, Scene I, called “How it All Began.”

And here is a song parody, based on “The Brady Bunch” theme, called accompanying song, called “The Credit Crunch.”

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