Finding cheap gas

January 6, 2010Jon Brooks Comments Off

gaspricesGas prices are higher than any time since 2008, so a site like might be especially useful right about now. The site works by members of the public spotting gas prices and posting them. Points earned towards prizes like free gas — plus the altruism of helping your fellow driver and sticking it to The Man — serve as reporting incentives.

To find the lowest prices in your area, just type in your zip code and a list of gas stations with the lowest-reported prices in the last 36 hours appears. This represents potentially serious savings — in my city, the site shows a 50 cents per gallon differential between the lowest and highest prices.

The site also includes a trip cost calculator and a blog at which you can monitor pricing trends. Yesterday’s post:

For those of you who haven’t filled up lately, I suggest you do it sooner rather than later to take advantage of lower prices that are slowly evaporating… (P)rices will continue to rise, some places may rise a few pennies a day, some might see double digit gains. We’ll likely see the “$3″ sign come back out in more areas of California and the West Coast, with Gulf States closer to $2.60-$2.75.

So fill ‘er up…

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