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Elkhart Project

August 10, 2009Jon Brooks Comments Off

The New York Times ran a piece on the front page of its business section today on the Elkhart Project, MSNBC’s longitudinal tracking of how one Indiana town is coping with the recession. Last week, before a visit from President Obama, MSNBC solicited questions from the community that reporter Chuck Todd then asked of the [...]

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The Rand band

August 3, 2009Jon Brooks Comments Off

The New York Time ran a story yesterday on John A. Allison IV, the former head of North Carolina banking success BB&T. Allison, now retired, is a vocal adherent of “objectivism,” the philosophical system developed by author Ayn Rand that embraced pure free-market capitalism. Another Rand acolyte is, famously, Alan Greenspan. The laissez-faire set, which [...]

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