Worst tippers Part II

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Our previous post about Waiter Rant‘s thread on “Who are the worst tippers?” highlighted these groups of people:

Canadians, middle-aged blue collar men, Scandinavians, Brazilians, women in groups, Baptists, senior citizens, African Americans, elderly country club women, recovering cocaine addicts, Indians, flatterers, non-smokers, teachers, upper middle-class baby boomers, athletes, Japanese, French, Europeans, Jehovah’s Witnesses, elected officials, kids, and NPR and PBS members, among others.

Surprisingly, that doesn’t exhaust the list of perceived penurious people. Let the kvetching resume…

College kids

I have worked every type of venue from college bars to fine dining to clubs and held every position at these venues over the years. College kids seem to be fairly bad tippers if not out of sheer lack of money and genuine embarrassment because of the fact or simply due to not knowing at a young age how to tip.

The conceited

I worked as a waitress in a small town and the people who thought they were hot shit (and very demanding) always tipped the worst.


Salesmen. Motherf****ers never tipped when I was a parking valet, because they couldn’t expense valet tips and too cheap to pay out of pocket.


Academics. Overeducated people who generally don’t have that much money because they work at a college and thus get paid 75% market rate. So they make up for it by acting like they’re your intellectual superior. However, these Ph.Dickheads never seem to have common sense, so they come in on Friday night 45 minutes before their play is supposed to start, and then order a steak medium-well. And nothing builds confidence in your community of educators like waiting on a table of math teachers who can’t figure out how to split a check.

Multi-level marketers

Two friends who waited tables agreed that Amway and other multi-level marketing scheme salesmen are stingy bastards that frequently stiff the waitstaff. Oh, I guess they did give the “tip” to try selling Amway if they wanted to make more money.

Church people

The damned church people were the worst. Seriously, if you leave your server one of those cheezy tracts that are disguised as money, but are actually some bs about how your reward is in Heaven? You should be instantly struck dead.

Mexicans in Texas

Waiting tables in Texas for a long time, Mexican nationals were terrible tippers, for the most part. Like churchgoers, they were extremely needy but did not compensate for the hard work.

Black women

I have close to three years exp. delivering pizza, in E. Lansing, Mi. and Clearwater, Fl. My total tips, in three years, from black females is $1.58. The $.58 was only because I didn’t have any coins for change in my pocket, and she didn’t want to wait for me to go back down three flights of stairs to my car to get it.

This particular mother

My mom: white, middle class, middle aged, real estate agent and Christian Republican woman.


Aussies are consistently shit tippers hands down. I personally know quite a few of them and have had discussions with them on this topic. The ones I’ve talked to simply don’t understand tipping because it’s not a natural part of their culture. They feel waiters should be paid a decent wage, as they apparently are over there.


The Dutch….I have been stiffed by these bastards so many times.

The entitled

In my experience the worst tippers I’ve ever gotten are entitled people. These are not necessarily people with money or white people or foreign people, they are simply the ones who were spoiled by their mommies and daddies into believing that *they* are the most important people in the world and can do no wrong. So essentially: a good portion of the Baby Boomers and their progeny in Gen Y.

Australian Asians

Asians. As an Asian who lives in Australia, and who tips, I often find that I actually have to ASK/MAKE my fellow Asian diners to share the tip with me!

Gift-card holders

For my money (no pun intended) the people who deserve their own little special circle in hell are the f****ers who DON’T TIP ON THEIR TOTAL BILL WHEN THEY HAVE GIFT CARDS/CERTIFICATES, COUPONS, OR COMPS.


My experience is that lesbians are the worst tippers.

Good-looking women

I worked tin high-end establishments in NYC, 2 and three star restaurants. I worked both as a server and a bartender. These were places where you expected the big tips because our level of service was outstanding. As for the worst tippers, I can only point to two major categories: Attractive women in groups, and people (especially on Valentine’s or Mother’s Day) who generally don’t eat out or are eating beyond their means. Oh, and rich South Americans.


Gamblers. Not the high roller type. I mean the pull-tab and scratch-off addicted idiots who make weekly trips to the Indian casinos.


In a four diamond restaurant, I had the pleasure of having Brits with sunny dispositions, impressive food and wine knowlege (7 year old kids ordering foie gras? Sweet!), leaving $500 on a $495 bill.

Thousand Island dressing lovers

Where I worked, we could generally foretell the tip we were going to get by the salad dressing they ordered. If they ordered blue cheese or the house dressing, we could expect 20%. If the ordered 1000 Island, 10% or less.


To the best of my memory, I have never once received a decent tip from an Alabaman. 5-10% is the norm.

Red Hat Society members

How about the ladies from the Red Hat Society? Any one had to deal with them?? Split checks all the way around. Or the woman’s book clubs? They’re really special.

Canadian Chinese

I’m a Canadian server working in an Asian neighborhood and find that Chinese residents are almost exactly on the 10% mark all the time (ie if the bill is 31.25 they will leave 3.12) so at least I can rely on that tip.


Tourists. (Non-metropolitan and European are the worst. Especially the British!). I don’t care what your own tipping practices are. When you come to NYC you tip your waiter 20% for good service, and your coat check person AT LEAST 1$ per ITEM (no only per ticket). Why are so many people ridiculously cheap when it comes to coat check? Most high end restaurants don’t have a station. Guests should know that the coat check people depend on tips as much as the servers.


I am a server and I have noticed that sleazy, flirtatious men in groups of 2 or more tip poorly. They speak somewhat condescendingly, ask if I have a boyfriend, follow up with something along the lines of “he doesn’t deserve you…”, and then stick it to me with a 12% tip.


I work in an upscale Italian restaurant in Bucks County, PA and in my experience the worst tippers are: Doctors, Lawyers, Business men using their corporate credit cards (GE employees to be more specific), Teachers and women. As for, Black people they are not all bad, I have gotten some really good tips from them. I feel like I need to go back to the business men with corporate credit cards, if their company won’t let them tip more than 15% these guys really need to reach into their own pockets and tip to make up the difference. It’s not like you didn’t just eat for free anyway.


I moved from a big city, 900,000. There, the worst tippers were nurses.


As a Canadian, the worst for me is Americans because they will leave a US dollar and grin at me like it’s a fifty dollar bill. Our dollar isn’t that weak anymore!


4-Orthodox Jews
6-Seniors citizens
10-Ethnics groups
11-Church folks
12-Goverment workers
14-Intoxicated customers
15-White collars workers
16-Early birds customers
17-Families with children
18-Brunch customers
19-Sports fans

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