Bunning envy

March 2, 2010Jon Brooks 4 Comments »

Retiring senator Jim Bunning, Republican from Kentucky, has single-handedly blocked an extension of unemployment and COBRA benefits originally doled out in the stimulus bill. Bob Cesca’s Awesome Blog! Go! has a run down of federal highway funding, which includes money for thousands of federal employees who will now be furloughed, that is also not flowing due to Bunning’s action.

While this type of obstruction is anathema to the Democratic Party, at least some of its constituents wish their own side would engage in such hardball tactics.

From blogger Taylor Marsh:

Jim Bunning Shows Democrats How It’s Done

(A)fter the Democrats’ milquetoast performance on health care leadership over the last year and counting, who doesn’t appreciate Sen. Bunning’s bluntness?

In a colloquy with Senate Majority Whip Dick Durbin (D-Ill.), Sen. Jeff Merkley, a freshman Democrat from Oregon, was pleading for Bunning to drop his objection, when the Kentucky Republican got fed up.

“Tough s—t,” Bunning said as he was seated in the back row, overheard by the floor staff and others in attendance.

Everyone understands the importance of unemployment benefits extensions, but can you imagine any Democrat standing up to say: Tough sh–, I want the public option, because it’s the only thing that keeps down health care costs for Americans, and I won’t stop until we vote on it?

I know it’s very impolitic and counter-intuitive for me to say this given the legislation Bunning’s blocking, but I have a begrudging respect for someone who won’t take any crap from weaker politicians on the Democratic side who won’t stand and fight for anything. That’s just how sick of this sh– I am.

The moral of this story: Republicans are mean; Democrats are patsies.

Some responses to her post:

This is how Democrats should have fought on health care.
The democrats have majority in the house and senate and they have the whitehouse and they still couldn’t get a healthcare bill passed. This is becoming a comedy show !! They might get one passed now but who knows whats going to happen. The democrats are probably never going to get this majority again. It might be years before that happens. I can’t believe how the two parties are acting today. No wonder why more people are leaving the two parties and going independent.
I can certainly appreciate and admire leaders that take a principled stand on a position no matter how unpopular. I hope this is indeed what Jim Bunning is doing because I certainly don’t agree with him on this. I did not admire George Bush’s positions and disagreed with almost every decision he made, but I did recognize and admire that he took stands and held fast. No matter how wrong. Same with Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher.

Saying this, I think I’d rather be known as mean than be known as a patsie. I’d rather be respected than liked. Obama and his Dems are patsies. And not only in the healthcare arena. They seem afraid to do anything. They are paralyzed. The country is not moving forward for their leadership. This is becoming increasingly clear to most Americans.
It’s about conviction and standing up for what you believe in. So, Republicans may be crazy and evil; but Democrats have absolutely no conviction. There is nothing under the sun they will not compromise on.

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